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Good Things Come in Small Packages

Like peanut butter and jelly, some things just go together nicely. As a fastener supplier, we can sort needed pieces together, so your customers have everything they need in one handy package. We'll save you time, money — and potentially lost parts — by substituting a confusing array of fasteners with one simple, labeled package.

Our In-House Kitting Capabilities Include the following:

  • Form, Fill & Seal Machines for Runs of Fastener Kits Based on Your Bill of Material
  • Multi-Item Kitting Conveyors for More Diverse Packaging Needs
  • Check Weighers for Added Insurance of Accuracy
  • Custom Labeling & Imprinting Capabilities (Logos/Bar Codes, Part Numbers) with Our High-Quality Thermal Printing Equipment
  • Barcoding Capabilities
  • Quick Lead-Time

Fast and Efficient

PM Fastener's state-of-the-art in-house fastener packaging systems are available to augment your current production with hardware bags/kits of most shapes and sizes. We package millions of varied items each year and can process thousands each day if necessary. Our systems are designed to meet and exceed the most stringent of quality control standards while providing high-speed efficiency capable of handling the demand of tight production schedules.

Our packaging process has been designed to allow for the highest accuracy and output. Parts that are out of tolerance are rejected prior to entering the packaging flow. We're flexible — we can change specifications as your designs change. We can source, bring in, and package components as you need, or even package components you provide.

For more information on our extensive in-house Packaging/Kitting service, please contact us today.